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OK-LA Garment  Accessories supply chain platform was founded in August 2016, after more than two years of early development, is committed to using technology to change the garment excipients ecosphere enterprise, the office address is located in Shenzhen big airport core entrepreneurial circle deep industry U center. Platform Included ERP+CRM+OA+MES+WEB+APP+WECHAT and other functions,  Details are production Plan, sales, customer management, procurement, recruitment, inline gathered together. 

At present, there are 21 experienced developers and operators on the development platform. The technical director of the company is a postdoctoral officer from a domestic university, and he currently holds the managerial position of a postdoctoral research flow station; the core software developer has been engaged in the development of a 1 billion level trading platform; and the chief operating director is Lu Shaoheng. It is the industry senior personage, is engaged in the clothing auxiliary material 20 years, its turnover is more than 600 million, the Renmin University of China  Business School EMBA education background, can integrate the clothing auxiliary material ecology circle effectively, does know the Shenzhen venture capital circle. 

PRE A round by the garment accessories industry, the first eight enterprises to invest 3 million yuan, they have strong strength in the industry, and the factory is in different areas of segmentation. The types of business are metal buttons, shell knobs, resin knobs, plastic buttons, zippers, signs, handicrafts, mold factories.  The Key Suppliers were ShenZhen Asiabutton metal and plasitc manu Co Ltd,  DongGuan WeiHua Industrial Ltd,  DongGuan YuanTiao Metal productions Co Ltd Etc So. They have offered productions to Macy‘s, JC penny,  Guess, Levi‘s, Next Etc So famous brand with normality certificate.  Their productions are OEKO Tex Certificate And Factory was passed Intertek TQP Quality standard with  TPQ Certificate.

Platform now  The platform accumulates  more than 5000 customers ,  Over 510 suppliers.  It Is the first to provide ERP system online order, APP online order enterprises (bilingual interface, bilingual platform), provide online pricing platform, the company and Alipay, WeChat, Paypal signed up to establish online payment system. 

The company‘s excellent ERP online order management system, so that customers at any time to track their products have been produced to which process! Unique module buttons have automatic pricing, WeChat recruiting platform, PC recruiting platform, WeChat order form update, online inventory query and sales, online order management, CRM customer management, OA management, online photo and so on.

Welcome VC with industry background to invest us !

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服装辅料、服装五金配件、金属纽扣、 缝纫工具等

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